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December 10, 2007



These are great. I made the originals that Donna did for my girls school stuff and they are fabulous. No more piles of papers stacking up all year. I save a few each month and into the envelope they go!


I soooo need to do this! That would alleviate some of the piles in my house! Maybe after the holiday rush! LOL!


Super COOL! Can't wait to try this one! :)


I love it, thanks Lain!

Mary c

Hey, this is cool! It would be fun for birthday cards too. (um, I save everything.) So easy to make too. Sorry I have been absent lately. Dh home and lots going on. ;)


That is the CUTEST!!! I am totally saving this idea and lifting it. :)

katie scott

Hey lain - Loved you're I Was Here Layout in the new Simple. Also, I need a podcast / I want to scrapbook tonight! :) Happy Holidays - Katie


Thanks for another great idea...where do you get these things..? LOL it must be really crowded in your head!!


So very cute! Sorry I have been MIA...I had the last of my finals this morning...whew glad that's over! I can't wait to sit down and make some of these cute things!


Hey Lain,

I know you'll probably blog about your podcast when you get up in the morning, but since I'm so far in the future (LOL) I have already listened to the podcast. I actually like just listening to you talk, so don't be sorry about not having all your stuff together.

I was excited to listen to your podcast so I made my kids skip their Christmas music/story on the way to school to listen to you:).

Also, I liked the outtakes at the end:). My son said, why does it just keep saying the same thing over and over?

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