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December 22, 2007



You crack me up. I admit that I never even thought about the size. I figured you had plan and that was it.

I did a lovely bone-headed thing with my cards too. Had them printed 5x7. A couple of years ago I bought a huge box of 5x7 envelopes (which are hard to find) so I was all set. We had to apply in person for Andy's passport renewal (because he's a minor) and I knew it would be a long wait. I grabbed some envelopes and managed to get about 50 addressed while we sat there. Came home, finished addressing and then started to stuff them. And I had grabbed the wrong freaking envelopes! They were 6x9.5 or some strange size. But being the tightwad that I am when it comes to something that is essentially garbage, I used them. I'm sure my family and friends think I've lost my mind. But I'm hoping that my card dazzled them so much they forgot about the envelope. LOL! I love rationalizing at Christmastime! ;-)

And your cards turned out lovely!


Oh, Lain. You poor thing. I don't even know what to say! Maybe you should send out New Year's cards instead and just go wrap your presents. Do you have wrapping paper? Go check, just in case! hee hee

Mary c

Lain, Lain, Lain! This sort of thing happens to me all the time. I should have been the one to say, Did you check? Did you double check? Triple check? Poor thing. Go drink some brandy laced eggnog and call it a day. And who cares if the Costco people laugh at you. You are an ARTIST. You are entitled to change your mind, you know.


I can so relate as yesterday I finally started to address my printed-at-home 5x7 cards only to realize that the envelopes that I choose were exactly 5x7 (they were out of the 5-1/4" x 7-1/4" envelopes at my 30 minutes away scrapbook store). Rather than crop my cards a little, I foolishly spent 2 hours trying to track down the right sized envelopes (hint: next year buy the envelopes & stationary at the same time and buy they traditional rectangle shaped cards to begin with -- less ink used).

My cards will be late this year too!


Korie B.

OK, I laughed so hard that I had to read the post out loud to my husband.

BTW, I almost copied your idea, but I was short on time. Thank goodness!!! You could have started a chain reaction of goof ups!!!! Of course, I would have sat there all day thinking, "I don't understand. How did Lain get hers to work?".

Maybe if you got started in September next year.... just sayin'....


Welcome to my world Lain! I uploaded my photo and ordered my photocards through the local photo shop. Picked them up and found that I didn't notice that my husband and my names were printed twice, as if we had had 2 more children last year and given them our names! Had to cut out the photo and print out my own card background at home...I wasn't going back to the photo shop (where they know me) and admit the mistake either! Glad you found a solution too. Merry Christmas!


P.S. I love your JOY idea, and I was thinking of "card-lifting" it for next year. Then I realized that I only have two children and I don't think that "HO" would send the right holiday message, LOL!!!
Keep laughing!


Oh no! SO frustrating. I do things like that all the time, so I can completely understand!!


Lain, the fact that you even tried to find a solution at this point gives you about a billion points in my book! I would have thrown them all away and called it a day. Have I mentioned VALENTINES' cards??? :)

Priya Venkat

Oh you poor thing! Live and learn though right. Cant say I havent made any such goof up in my life!! Calming to know that experts make mistakes too. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Priya

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