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December 26, 2007



Have FUN Lainie! Sounds like it will be a FABULOUS experience! Can't wait to hear about your adventures! I'll catch up with you when you come back! Can't wait for you to see the little something I made you! :)

RobinDiane Morgan

Your trip sounds like an awesome experience. Have lots of fun! I'll be stalking BPS for when Get a LOAD of This is ready for sign ups!


I just wanted to let you know that I've listened to almost every podcast over the last two weeks. Your style is very enjoyable, and the info you provide and interviews you conduct very interesting. Thanks for providing a fun respite for scrappers. I've rec'd this to my mom and friend, who also love scrapbooking.


Have fun on your trip!


Shoot me an email when you hit the OC. My mom lives 5 min. from the San Juan Capo mission...I could drop of my kidlets off and meet you for lunch or a trek through the cute little antique mall down there. Or you are still more than welcome to escape for some scrapping at my place if you want.I'm about 20 min. from SJC.



Just signed up for LOAD! ...I'm so pysched!

Amy U

I'm signed up! Now I need to start getting photos together so they are ready to go before I head back to school in January! :-)


I just signed up too!!! Have fun on your mini vacation

Robin Morgan

Yeehaw!!! I am signed up!

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