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December 12, 2007


Mary c

Ah technology! Remember the good old days when you had to actually MAIL something to communicate to people? I feel your pain, girlie!


Poor Lain! Bad technology! Bad!

I feel your pain.

Hugs to you!


Just to deal with the pain of this annoying problem, I think you should follow the advice of your email and go finish that bottle of Tequila!!! I have limes.... tee hee.


Aargh, lame technology! I still enjoyed the podcast though - it was cool to hear about the CKMedia office! :D

lisa s.

I almost cried too when I realized the interview with CA was lost!! She seems so awesome and to have such a long interview, I was so ready to listen. But as Cathy would say, "It's all good". Maybe the follow up interview will be even more spectacular. By the way, I did enjoy this podcast. You may have thought you were rambling, but it was interesting to hear about the gals at Simple. They put together such a great magazine, it was nice to hear the details about their office and the people that work there. Keep up the podcasts, edited or not, we love to hear from you Lain!


Oh, man! I'm convinced that demons roam freely among computer hard drives. Yours must have had a really nasty one today.

Haven't listened yet, but hopefully I will get to it tomorrow. I'm with you--forget the editing. Stick to Scraphappy in the raw. Consider it reality podcasting. :)


Well I listened anyway, without Cathy. Technology rocks...when it works and when it doesn't it seems to paralyze your life. So maybe you've got a book coming out??


Hey you! I just wanted you to know that I loved the podcast, as always. I'm so sorry it wasn't what it was originally intended to be but I hope you know that it was enjoyed, nonetheless. I especially loved the recap of your Utah trip.. I felt like I was there again! ;) Glad you had a blast.. sorry about the layover as well. Ooh and congrats on your juicy tidbit. ;) Talk to you soon!


when life hands you lemons, grab your salt shaker and the tequila...:-) (looks like a few of us had a similiar suggestion... lol)I liked your podcast, it was really cool to hear about your trip!and I'm excited about your "scraphappy"announcement...
also I got the 30 minute challenge present..THANKS so much!!


I love hearing what you are doing, I think more than the interviews so it was great for me! Looking forward to the LOAD challenge and gearing more about your big news!

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