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December 31, 2007



OK, I just can't resist free stuff so I'm signed up and ready to go! Bring it on!

Laura T.

Looks like great prizes --- I am so ready for the layouts to begin.


You SURVIVED!!! Glad you're back!



Happy New Year Lainie!


We live in So. CA and when we've made our boys go to the missions on our travels, they whine to high heaven.Doesn't help that I'm a teacher and try to make every vacation somewhat "educational" for them. LOL My sons live by the thought, "You've seen one mission, you've seen them all!" I love how you keep your blog so real!


Hi Lainie! Welcome back! Loved reading your entry! As always, your entries are an absolutely treat! Thanks for sharing your beautiful memories with us! Totally FIRED UP about the upcoming LOAD! I'm all signed up! :)


Wow, that's a lot of prizes! Can't wait to get started...I'm almost done with the scraproom overhaul. I think I can see parts of my tabletop again.


P.S. Are you getting my emails? The one you sent last night sounded like maybe I'm still missing some of yours.


I did a couple of mini-albums for co-workers back in the day, and I got such great compliments. The gal I gave a baby book to (with a page for each monthly photo and instructions on taking a picture with the same stuffed animal or toy) mentioned again and again how much she appreciated it. Neither recipient was a scrapbooker, either, so it meant even more to me that they appreciated it so much.


I don't think I could ever do scrapping for hire..too much pressure! Glad you had a fun trip, aside from the whining. Ugh that whining can get old...we have to drive from Salt Lake City to Sacramento when we visit our family, and Nevada is sooooo boring..the kids whine a lot when we drive back and forth..heck I whine a bit too after too many hours of desert and nothing to look at.


Thanks for the enteraining post Lain! Glad to hear that you all survived the big trip. I wondered at your family's stamina when you said you were going to visit all 18 missions.

Love both of those albums! Simply beautiful. I'm sure the recipients will cherish them.

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