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November 05, 2007


Korie B.

I almost never go into Starbucks now that they have drive-thru service. I guess I'll have to get off my two half moons and get out of the car for my vanilla latte tomorrow!
As for the hubby going out of town, work it! My hubby recently had major surgery & I'm planning on using my Florence Nightingale good will to go to both Scrapbowl ( AND Art & Soul ( next year. I think hubby bailing on you the week before Christmas means that you should be able to head out & do something fun. A little manipulation in a marriage is a good thing, right??? :)


You crack me up Lain. Cute book. The last time I was at Starbucks was to pick up your tea though. Think they'd notice if I just walked in, took the book and left? LOL

And hubby, oh hubby, you'd better be planning something spectacular. I'd be asking for an iPhone to use while I was at the Sweetwater Retreat. :)


Totally cracking are too funny. Your instructions on your projects are always so fun to read that one could literally just re-read the instruction over and over just to get a few more laughs! :)
I love that super fun approach you have.

And about the hubby, I think he owes you BIG
and you can definetely get "good use" out of this one....maybe quite a few overnight crops at my house and a couple of girly days out and more!!! I can help you set up a list of ideas! :)

Mary c

Well, my dh will probably not be home two weeks prior to and the day of Christmas because of his schedule. He hasn't been home a major holiday for two years. Thusly, I think you shouldn't whine too much cuz it could be worse.
That being said, this is very cute and gives me a great excuse to go to if I needed an excuse. Really now, put on a Scrap Happy Face. :)


You are a veritable well of cleverness! Any project that requires a trip to Starbucks is my kind of project.



Glad you are home Lain!!! Love the tag book!! Starbucks??? I have never been to one and that is the truth. Rather drink coffee at home.


I love this project, but I couldn't possibly go into a Starbucks right now. Dang D-I-E-t.
How did you manage while you were on Jenny Craig?

Hubby definitely owes you something magical for Christmas!


This is so cute...and now I have a good excuse to go to Starbucks!

katie scott

Love these instructions, especially the parts about being very creative and writing your kids names (better than no names right?) and the bits about the husband!

So did you ever get rid of anything after talking about pareto's law (the 80/20 thing)? Here's a little secret of mine - I'm a bit of a pack rat and while I'm not a hoarder, at least I don't think I am, I'm fascinated by them and Oprah's doing a show on them w/ Peter Walsh later this month - should be completely interesting and hopefully will inspire me to get rid of some of that 80% stuff that I don't use!

Have a great week!


Poor Lain! I agree with everyone else. At the very least, maybe hubby should be the one who has to put away all the decorations after Christmas (my least favourite part of the holiday).
Cute project Lain! I too, shall have to enter Starbucks for the first time in search of these tags (I come from the land of Tim Hortons).

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