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November 19, 2007


sockiepuppets mom

This is a perfect gift for grandmothers! I love it! Can't wait for January:)


It's supposed to be late fall here in Missouri, but it feels more like early spring. Mid 60s past few days. I like it, but I know it will change...we may have snow Thursday. Thanks for all the projects and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Mary c

WOW! I didn't know we were getting bonus projects! Yay! This is too cute.


HMMM 70's here in Alabama!! Tree up, presents wrapped BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are talking to the QUEEN of Procrastination!!! I will be doing good just to get Thanksgiving dinner ready on time


I feel with you about the UTEE problem. But the easy solution is- Send it all to Actually, you should have held the pendant with tweezers (or whatever you have to keep your fingers away from the heat) and heated it from below. Not blowing on top, but onto the bottom of the pendant, as if you heat it on a stove. KWIM? I once made bottle caps filled with sand and shells and UTEE-ed them this way. Works perfect!

Erin Lincoln Bassett

Ok, I have a UTEE solution for you...."cook" your project in the broiler. It works GREAT! (Just don't forget it's in there!!)

PS - I'm in So. CA too!!


What a great project!

And the tree isn't allowed up until the first Sunday in December. Hard and fast rule around here. Probably because my birthday falls on your Thanksgiving weekend every year and if we didn't have that rule everyone just FORGOT.

Also, now that I have kids? If you put the tree up too early they get too wound up waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaitiiiiiiiiiiiiiing for presents.

But I bet the kids could make these pendants while they waited!

Kelly Jo

Another adorable project, Lain!
You can also put Red Sox World Champions Logos in your charms! ;)
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Korie B.

Great project Lain!
Some people complain that Diamond Glaze sometimes bubbles or blurs their photos. A great alternative is Ranger's Glossy Accents. It dries crystal clear and has less of a tendency to bubble.
I'll have to get my act together this week (since, once again, I missed Thursday's challenge!) and make myself a couple of pendants. Love it!


Thank you so much for giving a tutorial on this! I finally got around to making one but I am doing a bracelet for my mom for mother's day. I would've never thought of it on my own.

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