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November 11, 2007



I have done the number one before and hubby never said one word!!! When I figured out what he was sniggering about all day long, I smacked him but good!! At least I did not go outside of the house that day so you have one on me. BTW, Hubby is looking for an "Achmed" doll for me!!! HAHAHAH


Well, did you guys open your presents yet??? Or are you gonna hold on to your title of "the worst Mommy in the world" and make them wait for another 45 days!!!???? :D I gotta tell ya, I'm a peeker from way back so I'd have to peek. (I'm so weak)
I bet if that shirt had been backless, they'd have noticed! :D


1. Bahaha! If I had seen you, I for sure would have said something.

2. Yummers! I am for sure going to make that.

3. Mean Mommies unite! At our house, they can eat like piggies for a week, and then the rest is left on the porch for the Great Pumpkin. He leaves a small toy in return. And a toothbrush.

4. Way cool...and now I am stressing because I have not started my shopping. I did make my planner and start some lists today, though.


sockiepuppets mom

First off, I was wearing my cardigan inside out at school and not one person said anything about it. I noticed it when I went to my friend's house but she hadn't noticed it, so maybe no one noticed your shirt:) Second, I am deifnitely going to make applesuace tomorrow night. As for the candy, well I am the keeper of the candy and they only get 2 pieces at a time, once a day. Christmas presents before Thanksgiving?!?! I haven't even taken our pictures for cards yet! Man I am behind.

Mary c

Once when I was training for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, I was walking all over my neighborhood with a new pink ball cap with the tags hanging off the back. No one said anything...
But I guarantee you they were laughing their b***s off after I had gone past far enough not to hear.


I am SO going to make your applesauce. Funny, we have "inherited" recipes from friends and family and they have come to be known as things like "Mom's Lasagna", "Abby Noodles" and now: "Lain's Applesauce". Sounds delish!
As for the candy, my kids aren't big candy eaters.... Sammie actually prefers fruit! I'm blessed! My husband and I end up just keeping "the good stuff" and it still ends up lasting almost a YEAR! And WE eat most of it! Tee hee.
Oh, yeah, and about the gifts - my family comes here for Thanksgiving and decided to exchange Hanukah gifts then since it's so early and we may not be able to get back for Christmas/Hanukah. That means I have ONE WEEK to do almost all my shopping/creating/wrapping. AND clean the house AND plan the big turkey meal. Anyone want to babysit?!?


ROFLOL at #1 Lain!!! But if I had seen you I would have let you know! And I just bought a Crock pot at Costco today...I will have to try out your recipe once I get it out of the box!!! As for the candy, my kids just like counting it...I'm the one that ends up eating it! And the friend that already has the presents bought, wrapped and shipped? (insert shaking head in disbelief here)


#1--probably no one noticed. you're not the first to do this!

#2--yummy! thanks!

#3--sounds great to me. we've been letting them have one selection a day but there's still lots of candy, and i, for one, am tired of it. i think we may have an evening of culling favourites and then it will be gone.

#4--i'm sure shannon is a lovely lady and a super friend, but i suddenly find it hard to like her, overachiever that she is (making those of us who've barely started shopping look bad!)

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