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November 08, 2007



Me me me!!


What is the Tag, You're It relaY? I could possibly want to play... (How's that for non-commital?)


Oops, forgot to say I think I want to play, but not sure what it is...are there any requirements?


I'm bummed out that I can't do this one! Too much work for next week, already piled up. I hope to join in on the next one.


oh, me, me, pick me!

(that'll teach me to take a day away from the computer)

Kristine Wildung

Commented to the last post, but not sure where you're picking from. Would love to play!

sockiepuppets mom

Sounds interesting, can I play?


can I play?


Hi Lain!

I love that you included a link to all the layouts for 30 minute Thursday! It was so much fun to look at everyone's layouts.

Everybody did a fabulous job! And in 30 minutes no less!

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