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November 13, 2007


Mary c

What the...?! Wow! Was it the peanut butter or the kisses that got them over the line first?


What?? Already?? That's insane!!

*tapping foot impatiently*


Woohoo! It was the peanut butter...anything with peanut butter is a automatically a winner!

Yeah TEAM PBK! We're #1!

Kelly Jo

Yummy...I love PBK!

Amy Castellano is that even possible..?


Well Crud!!! Come On Peppermint Barks!!!!


Darn and I thought for sure the Peppermint Barks would be the last ones as we're on the 5th person and it's only Tuesday.

Wowzers...go Peanut Butter Kisses!

sockiepuppets mom

YAY PBK's! Peanut butter is my favorite, especially with chocolate! Congrats! Come on Latkes:)

Amy U

Congrats PBK! Come on Gingerbread Girls...we can do it!


Yea - PBKers! We are the bomb with a sweet peanut butter, chocolate kissy splash!!!

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