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November 06, 2007



Sorry, but my schedule for January is full. But if you go to Anaheim in February, I'll be waiting for you! :)


Houston is a little far for me...but how about Collinsville, IL in April?


I can't do TX but I would consider Chicago. Except I really think the $$$ will be tight. I would so LOVE to go... hmmm....


I am hoping that you'll be in Portland next Spring!!


YES, YES, YES!!! I don't know HOW in the world I will pay for it but I will be there!

When I saw the word HOUSTON I think my heart started racing! Am I silly or what!

Oh, and HI back, by the way!


I'd love to meet you but time & $ are an issue. I've been looking for something closer to me... Cincinnati/Columbus/Indianapolis is a fairly central & large market... how come we don't see any conventions close by?

Mary c

I cannot do January because I am going to CHA in February. Are you going to be there?

Sockiepuppets mom

I don't even know what CKC is but I only live 2 hrs. from Houston and I bet I could get a couple of girlfriends to come down with me:)I love all the stuff you post on here!


Well Heck!!!! Would have been perfect 2 years ago. I lived in Louisiana!!4 hours from Houston then!!! And nothing in Atlanta next year I think?? Well POO!!! Either Atlanta, Birmingham or Mobile for me. Nashville could be a possibility though

Jessica Hood

i live in texas & so want to attend...just not sure if i can swing it financially. i know it will be awesome though!

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