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November 08, 2007



I got to 270 but I never took an SAT!!

sockiepuppets mom

I got to 830 and got tired. It is really neat to see how far they have come since Oct. 7th, hopefully this will feed a lot of people.

Mary c

I made myself keep going until I hit 1000 grains. I couldn't believe it but my husband has a huge vocabulary so I have heard many of those words and had to look them up so I would know what he was saying. LOL!


I took the SAT but I think I must have taken it by accident. Uh, I remember I for sure got my name right...
Considering that and the fact that I clicked on the link to donate grains of rice, I, right now, feel pretty darn stoopid. I mean, stupid. I donated TWENTY grains. Yes, that was 20. As in, TWO questions correct!!!! Anyone know what "apiarian" means? Me neither. I'm gonna stick with what I'm good at - I'm off to do the dishes and watch CSI. Grr.


I donated over 1500 before I got tired, but I must confess I guessed on many of them. Educated guessing, mostly, based on root words, prefix/suffix, etc. I guess that's the teacher in me. But my husband also has a huge vocabulary so that probably has something to do with it, too. Lain, I think if you had stuck it out, you would have donated a lot more...after all, you DID go to Stanford! :)


It gives you progressively harder ones until you get one wrong and then it backs off and gives you an easier one. You can keep giving as long as you want to keep playing!

I made it up to 45 on vocab score, which isn't actually very high, before I started missing questions. I'm going to do this daily. :)


Etta: "but I must confess I guessed on many of them. Educated guessing, mostly, based on root words, prefix/suffix, etc". Me too!

Courtney DeLaura

i totally can't even remember - must not have been that good LOL
even tho' I am scared off to check out the link!


Karen O

I got tired at word score of 45 and 880 grains of rice. I did a lot of educated guessing and I missed several in there. Must send this link to my sister who has a humongous vocab :P

Miss Niki

This is a test to see if I can actually post here. I've been having difficulty signing up.

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