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November 28, 2007



Woohoo! A new episode! I can't wait to listen to it :D Thanks, Lain!


Totally off the topic of this blog, but finished reading Plain Truth and can't wait to discuss it!


I never really tried to get involved in a scrapbooking community before I started reading your blog. The people I've "met" through the blog have been wonderful, so I haven't seen the cliquey thing you're talking about here, but I have seen that in other online communities (not scrapbook related).

Anyway, I enjoyed the podcast. I'm not a big reality TV fan, but I'll have to check out SISTV. It sounds very interesting.

Oh, and I'm hung up on grammar and spelling too:).


Loved the podcast!! I'm on the DT of an online community that i LOVE!!! It's small enough that there are no cliques whatsoever but it took me a while to find Treasured Scrapbooking. I shared your concerns as well with "breaking into" the communities. Thanks for talking about it in your podcast!

Loved the book review--I have looked at that book several times and debated getting it...I do actually think I will get it now after listening!


Great podcast! I love your product reviews and this one made me laugh. I have spelling issues too. I wanted to mention that the sound was GREAT too. Nice and clear for a fun interview :)

I'm off to read Plain Truth. The library came through in time!


Just finished listening...I have to admit I think I had the same feelings about SISTV that she mentioned. I felt so overwhelmed with all the fashion jargon that I though I would never be "advanced" or "artistic" enough for them. Of course, I haven't really gotten much into the online community as much through message boards as with blogs, like this one, and the gallery at SS. But I might have to try SISTV now!
Great podcast!


What a great interview...Jeanette sounds like someone I could be friends with - so fun and laid back and completely devoted to what she loves. I look forward to browsing her site. Great job Lain!
And I'm glad to hear your Lasik went well. You are a braver person than me - I could NEVER do that! Yikes!
Talk to you soon!

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