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November 30, 2007



Lain - I saw this on Cathy and Emily's blogs and I am totally going to do it. It's an awesome idea. I love the fact that they used all sorts of papers and materials for the pages. And in honor of my dearly departed Dad and his love for tie wraps, I'm going to use tie wraps to hold it all together! Thanks for sharing this today.

Hope you had a good trip to Utah!


It's on my list too. You know, the fun stuff I'm going to do when I finish shopping early this year. :)

Actually, I'm planning to play around with it on Sunday. I'm finally unpacked and organized (mostly) in my new scrap room so I'm ready to play!


WOWZERS! What a GREAT idea! I'm definately gonna be taking some time for myself (after I finish those stinkin' Christmas cards, a baby album and a few misc. projects, and getting things ready for '08! ;) And I've already got my "grateful" for the day . . . I'm grateful for you sharing this with us! Thanks Lain!


Okay, okay ... I get it! Everywhere I turn, people doing Emily's gratitude album. You don't need to hit me over the head with a brick: obviously this is something I am destined to do!

Setting myself a deadline of New Year's Day, so I can begin the year.


I'm seeing this a lot and it's STILL an awesome idea!

Lisa B. has a really simple one that kids can do on her blog.

I'm thinking of maybe a family one that we add to daily.

Thanks Lain!


Love this idea! I kept a gratitude journal several years ago, but hey-not w/the cute scrapbook angle! I'd better get on it! :)

P.S. ADORABLE photo of you!


Lainie--I am so sorry!! I did answer your email of Monday about lunch, but I never heard back from you. On friday morning, I got online (Dex) and called all the phone numbers listed for CK. I got a few fax machines, one was no longer in service, and two that no-one answered. I just now got a message through my email saying the email I sent to you Monday evening was never delivered. I have been getting a lot of those lately--and they take a week to tell me they aren't getting delivered! Grrr. No wonder so many people haven't been answering my emails. :( I am sure you probably feel pretty bad about our lunch date. I was really looking forward to it! I was gonna bring my SBs. I am posting here because I don't trust my email right now. Please accept my apology. When are you coming again?


I love that idea and the examples you have shown are really great. I need to get back to working with paper and not just fabric. I did a swap with you probably two years ago - finally found your blog again and enjoy looking at your work!

Mary c

What a fabulous idea. I think I am going to start one of these this Christmas. It will be nice to look back and see all the things that are positive in my life.


I finally got down to putting the "guts" of my gratitude journal together.

Here's my version (under the December 23rd entry):

Lain . . . thanks so much for sharing this idea! It was a ton of fun!

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