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November 04, 2007


Jennifer Mattix

Must see picture!! I totally wish I could have gone to CK this year! Next year it's on!!!


It sounds so totally fun Lainie! I wish I'd been there too! :) Can't wait to meet up for lunch soon!

Mary c

I am so happy you shared with us. I was just in Seattle a couple of weeks ago and LOVED it there. We went all over, including Bellevue. Aren't the autumn colors there awesome?

Amy U

I'm so glad that we ran into each other! My friends took some of your classes and loved them; I definitely will sign up for them next time. I just sent you an invite to look at my Costco album, so you can grab the photos of us if you would like.


Katie Scott

Hey Lain! Did you know you can put "Scrap Happy" on your M&Ms, I know you don't have a tv / but they've got a commercial about it; I don't know the exact site but I'm sure you can google it, its for a limited time during the holidays! I'm maybe going to do this for the law office. :) Have a great week, Katie Scott!


Glad to hear what a great time it was! Yay!


Fun fun! I totally love Ingunn's stuff.

MamaSheg aka: Cathy

Hi Lain,
It was great to meet you at CKC. You are just as nice and fabulous in person as you are in your podcasts!
All the best ~ MamaSheg aka: Cathy Shegnagaev


It sounds like you had an awesome time! I was at the other event with Heidi Grace and can't wait to sit down with you and share our experiences!

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