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November 01, 2007



Whee, you are the best!

But're not leaving until tomorrow? You're teaching classes on Friday, right?


I really like that page. And I might actually have time to do this one. I wanted to do the last one, but I haven't done much scrappin' lately, period.

Good luck in Seattle. I'm off to mop my floors (while listening to the latest Scraphappy podcast) and then to find a scrapliftable page!


I so agree! Can hardly wait to hear all about the details of CKC!

Mary c

I think I live to scraplift. RARELY does anything I do look like the piece I scraplifted. However, I don't think I am a visionary, I am a re-visionary. LOL!


Your page looks fab! I completely agree with your rules on scraplifting. :)


Cute page Lain! As someone who's never submitted a page for publication and don't know if I ever will, I scraplift with abandon and rarely even pay attention to what products came from which manufacturers. Now that I've started blogging, I'm trying to keep better track. Your rules sound like winners to me! I do the dogear thing too (and choose subscriptions based on how many pages get dogeared in which publications).
I have a question for you and your readers though--how do you keep track of your electronic inspiration files? I'd been clicking and saving to a folder but just calling the files "scrapping1", "scrapping2", etc without making note of where I got the page from. Now if I want to CASE, I need to track down the original source. What do you do?


I like the page! I agree with you -- scraplift with abandon for your own books, keep track for publication.

I am proud of myself -- I finished last week's 30-minute page this morning. Better late than never, huh?


i did it, and after the requisite technical difficulties, it's up!


Ooops, here's the link!

It's the page at the top.


Okay I did it. And I realized that this was really hard. There was so much more fine-tuning I could have done to this page. It's not perfect. The letters aren't straight. I wanted to ink the background paper. But I ran out of time!

I scraplifted this page that I saw in the SS Reader Gallery today:

Here's mine:

I'm going to have to practice this 30 minute thing!

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