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November 15, 2007


Mary c

Foiled again! I DID get the TAG LO done. That's something! And I did do it in 30 minutes (I'm not sure how that happened). But it was not an old photo unless 15 minutes is old.
Sorry Lain. :(


Wow, you're on top of things! I usually get the Thursday challenge on Friday. Either you're early or I'm late!

I'll see if I can carve some time (about 30 minutes, heh) out later today to do this. I have some awesome patterned paper that I've been "saving". :)

Great LO btw!


Oh, and Congrats Heather M! Yay!

sockiepuppets mom

Yay Heather M. Very cute LO! I'm off to do mine:)

sockiepuppets mom

I'm done! Yay ME:) This has been such a great way to get me scrapping again. Thank you!


WOo Hoo great page!!! On the other side bought me a Knitting for dummies book!!!


Thanks for another great challenge Lain and for the goodies from the first challenge! Got them in the mail late yesterday! =)

Here's mine for this week. I'm getting them done closer to the first Thursday now:).

I'm having difficulty with my scanner, so there's lots of black space on my pages and they're getting to be lopsided (this one IS lopsided, but most of mine aren't). I'm trying to figure out what to do to fix it, but for the time being, know that my pages aren't actually this lopsided:).



It's the second one. The first one was inspired by Marnie Flores. Does this mean it's been a Simple week? :)


Here is mine for the week. Finally figured out what to do with the great pictures of my mine and I!! :) Thanks Lain!!

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