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November 08, 2007


melita onto the right challenge! hopefully I will get this done on time!

Mary c

Okay, I blew last week. I am sorry. Bad Scrapper! I was making cards. Lots and lots of cards.
I'll try to do better this time. :)



My address is:

Leslie Price
1213 Ash Street
Winnetka, IL 60093

Loved this week's podcast - didn't want it to end!

Tks for the pcast & challenges!

Leslie Price

Amy Castellano

ok I'm done!! Yay...I've never done this before it was so fun! Thanks for the it is


You're spoiling us!! And you're definitely not getting rid of me now :D

I love your layouts, especially the big scalloped (or..sheared. I guess.) circle - so cute!!

sockiepuppets mom

So, am I right in thinking I take 30 mins to scrap a page and then post it on my blog and post a comment here when I am done?


hi Lain,

I was so proud of the fact that i had posted my page on the Reader's Gallery last Saturday and then i realized i wasn't supposed to do that...and by then it was wednesday afternoon and i tried posting it here but i couldn't get it?!!
I'm so mad with myself for being so comput. illiterate :(
do you think that for this new challenge it would be ok to post it on SimpleScrapb. Gallery with a tag"Lain's challenge"?

Please, pretty Please?!!

thank you

alexandra ( bibi, c'est moi )

sockiepuppets mom

Ok, I have never done this before. As you can see I am very minimalistic:) This is the first page I have done since July!These are pictures of my baby on her 1st birthday 6 yrs ago. Thanks so much for getting my creative juices flowing again!

go here:


Whoop, got mine done!

Thanks for prompting me to look though my baby album - I got some great ideas for more pages now!

Amy Castellano

sorry, lol forgot I should have specified how old the photos are...they are 6 years old and 1 move ago...:)thanks

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