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October 25, 2007


Kelly Jo

Lain~ I love this idea and hope to get to it this weekend. Thanks for including your process!


30 Minutes!!! Lain, I cannot speed scrap!! I have one right now on my craft table, 5 photos and over 2 hours. I guess me and my Chipboard covering is what is taking me so long. But I will upload it and let you see it tomorrow when I finish it. But I gotta give ya credit yours looks great!!!

Mary c

30 minutes?! I can't make a CARD in 30 minutes...
So, I guess since there is a PRIZE involved, I might have to try.


Lain -- This is a great page! I love that you explained the process of picking out embellishments & papers. I hope that I can get to it soon. I would have to agree with other posters in that I cannot do anything in 30 minutes. I just sit & stare & wonder. ;)


Great idea! 30 minutes, I'm totally up for the fun challenge! :)

And, just finished listening to the podcast (finally) --oh my...I knew it would be great, but it was SUPER great. Loved the questions you had for Ali. It was so cool to listen to you two talk. You asked the perfect questions. Stuff I really wanted to know. So cool. Thanks so much Lainie! :)
I can't believe it's taken me two nights to finally get to it (specially considering how much I couldn't wait to listen to it!) Fabulous podcast!


Love this challenge idea!

Here's mine:

I did mine in 15!

Jennifer McGuire

Lain, Thanks for the challenge. I haven't scrapped in a while. My scrapbook closet is a pit and I'm still reading the Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker to figure out how to clean it out. Anyway, I cleared of a bit of space on my desk, grabbed a few pictures, and did a 30-minute layout. It was almost 30 minutes exactly and that included the time I spent looking through my mess for supplies! Totally fun.

View it at:

athena mejia

Thanks for the great challenge Lain! It was actually thrilling to "force" a layout in 30 minutes. I am usually a 3-hour-a-layout girl! lol!

Here's mine:

Gonna be coming back weekly to check out the next challenge! :)


Thanks Lain! This was SO much fun! I whipped this one out in about 20 minutes . . . with a little help from my 4 year old. ;)


Oops . . . here's the link:

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