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October 07, 2007



OMG!!!!!!! You sound like me!!!!! I am sooo glad my daughter is 22 and has 2babies of her own. She told me the other day, "I was never this bad" and all I could say on the phone is "Uh-huh Lips a flappin and All I am hearing is Noise!" But ya gotta love them!!!

Ragan not feel like you are alone...I can say that I have yelled today (about 100 times). Ack. No wonder I have a headache. Maybe if I was able to do more of that other stuff (and less yelling) all the headaches would stop. *wishful thinking*
Oh well.
C'est la vie.


I soooo! understand that. And I feel so guilty afterward. Replaying the scene in my mind and wishing I had reacted differently. Maybe we will get it right by the time we are grandparents. :-)


Oh yeah, I remember those "seeing red", "eyeball bulging" explosions. When I would end up grounding them for the rest of their lives and darn well meaning it too! Even DH would shape up after one of those sessions. (smile) And the dog was no idiot either, you could always find him hiding in his bed! (giggle)


So glad to know I am not the only one. Some days I go to bed feeling like I did more yelling than hugging. Thank goodness God's mercies are new every morning!


I hope you are not offended to hear me breathe a big sigh of relief to hear that you yell at your kids! Haha! So it turns out I'm not alone. I sometimes feel like I'm the meanest mom on the planet for yelling. But I had a feeling that I couldn't possibly be the only mom to lose her temper or to figure out that raising one's voice = being more likely to be HEARD by one's 4-year old.
BTW, sorry about all those pictures. That sucks! I feel your pain!


I'm happy to hear that I'm not the only one...we have some awesome honest women commenting hear. Unfortunately my screams are punctuated by a little profanity here and there. It's a bad bad thing to be told - mommy that's a bad word!!!


Sounds so like how I would react!


Must have been the bad-children-weekend then. Go and read my story of the weekend on my blog. And I can assure you, that not only our walls are still ringing!

sidney hartley

Now I know for sure something wicked was in the air. I was so frazzled by my four year old (woke the toddler up twice! among other things) that I had to go sit outside (with the Miami mosquitos)while my husband settled her down and got her to bed. I couldn't take it anymore! It must have been bad kids weekend! Thanks for sharing.

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