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October 10, 2007



I celebrate my friends everyday!!! Especially you Lain!!! Loves Ya!!!


BTW, Where is my PODCAST??? I am going through withdrawals!!!


Celebrating YOU day after day my friend! :) Great post! I loved seeing those at Target too!

suzi finer

without fail.
every time!


Canada has no Target. It's sad :( But the same thing happens in the LSS (and often Walmart).

Speaking of friends, I see that it is Angie Appreciation Day. I love how the "simple" gang all supports and uplifts everyone. I'm happy just thinking about you as part of that cool community. I celebrate you Lain!

katie scott

Ok first of all every time I go to Target it costs a minimum of $500 (yes thats five HUNDRED dollars) - seriouly!

Ok, Lain - I Just have to tell you that I met Ali Edwards & Tim Holtz & Jessia Sprague & this really really nice girl representing Simple whom I keep forgetting her name (sorry) but she says most of her stuff is in Creating Keepsakes anyway, AND not only that I met Bo Derek today (ALL of whom I had no idea I'd bd meeting when I woke up on those respective days / and I just wish I'd had a little pod cast microphone w/ me like you do!).


Celebrating friends is a wonderful thing to do. Without them, we would all be wandering aimlessly through Target alone...I mean life. (unless of course you have children...screaming children...gotta run now...screaming children)


ME + Target = $100 minimum every time! Why, oh, why do they have so much stuff that I need there? Cute stamps, I will need to check them out today.

But, seriously, where is this week's podcast??? I am going thru withdrawl here. My dog loves it whenever she sees me get out the iPod because she knows she is going to get an extra good long walk while I listen to your fun podcast. Ella the yellow lab is sending you those big, sad brown labrador eyes saying "Lain...need a new podcast and a long run in the woods!" Can you help me out friend?


your the best!

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