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October 02, 2007



Okay Lain, so I saw you at The Little Gym this a.m. I thought it was you, but didn't approach you, not wanting to appear to be some crazed stalker or something! Then I realized I had passed a red VW in the parking lot and then I knew for sure!

If you are going to continue in that class, I will introduce myself next week. DD and I are in the 10 a.m. class on Tuesdays!

Have a great week!


You are TOO cute! It was funny because I've never seen your picture and heard you talk, but never at the same time! It was like seeing someone I knew on TV!

I'm tellin' ya--you need a star on the walk of fame or something!


Sorry, kind of off topic, but I have to respond to the poll on digital scrapbooking. I like to digital scrapbook and I did my nephew's baby book completely digitally (partially because I could fit WAY more photos on a page that way, it was only an 8x8 book). But there's something very therapeutic for me about sitting at my scrap desk and "cutting and pasting" (as my SIL so annoyingly put it-until I gave her daughter a scrapbook of her school years, now it's a work of art:) and touching all my embellishments...

I LOVE the look of digital and all of the things you can do, and even though I am quite technological I don't think I will ever switch over. I just like the physical act of scrapping too much.

linda woods

You are so cute! I wish my hair would do what yours does!


SOB LAIN SOB!!!!!! I am having podcast withdrawels!!! Where is the new one??? I am having major problems not being able to hear you and give me inspiration for the week!!! SOB SOB Oh the inhumanity!!!!!



I loved the videos....I had watched them as soon as Wendy Smedley showed the link in her blog. You and Angie are naturals and look so totally cute.

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