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October 28, 2007



Lain, enjoyed the podcast. I'm disappointed that the rub-on tape stiches didn't work. Good to know, though. Will save my money for other stuff like Glitz frosting!

Love the 30 minute Thursday new feature!


Great Podcast Lain!!! Sorry the Daisy D's stuff did not work. That is why I use stamps for stitching Technique Tuesday Gotta love 'em. Plus I can stamp in any color of ink that I have!!!

Casey Rivas

I saw those runners a few months ago at a show and have wanted to try them.. lol thanks for the review, girlie!

Congrats on your first teaching gig! I'm just coming off a weekend of teaching at Expo and while I won't be teaching in Seattle this weekend, i WILL be at the booth!! We have to meet up- I'll email or call you. :)


Bummer about the tape runner stitches! But thanks for being the guinea pig. :)

Love the 30 minute Thursdays idea...I am going to try to get a page done tonight.


Korie B.

Hey there Laine,
I finally had time to catch up on your latest podcast today, then I had to kick myself for not listening to it earlier. I just bought those Daisy D's rubons. Although they worked fine on plain paper, I'll need to try them on textured paper.

More than anything, thank your for your honesty. There are too many people out there afraid that they will ruffle feathers if they are honest and say that a product doesn't work. Your honesty is a breath of fresh air right now!

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