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October 14, 2007



Missed your podcast last week - glad you're back!



Glad your back. I've already listened while I was making all our lunches for tomorrow. Great podcast as usual.

It's funny that you mention the whole 80/20 thing and simplifying life, because I was just reading an article about that today, and on Tuesday I am starting what I am calling The Great CleanOut! I'm a very organized person but there is still SO MUCH STUFF, it's just organized stuff. I'm hoping after this week (or month, depending on how long it takes) there will be a visible difference in my closets, drawers, shelves, cabinets, etc. I'm sick of all the unused junk.
Glad everything's back to working order!


I'm glad you're back too! I'm downloading now! I can't wait to hear what you have to say about "Our Family Scrapbooks". I bought it when it first came out and was really disappointed. It just wasn't what I was expecting. It sat ignored on my shelf until I decided to sell it, then I looked through it "one last time" and found lots of great ideas. I copied Becky's "Family Faces" album before our big trip home this summer. It turned out great, and the kids still like looking at the pictures of their cousins. Needless to say, I didn't sell it. :) Funny how different things inspire us at different times, eh? I think I just had to have time to get over my unmet expectations.


Yea Podcast!!! I know what you mean about STUFF!! You never had enough room!!! Especially with scrapbook goodies but we gotta have them. Our problem is books and magazines, both hubby and I are bookworms!! So we always have a never ending pile of books, from hardbacks to paperbacks. But hardbacks we only buy if we have read the book in paperback and like it. Yes we re-read books!! But right now I have enough paperback Louis L'Amour to choke about 10 horses. Gotta go through them with hubby to make more bookshelf space




Can't wait to hear your new podcast tonight from home. :)

Just checking in to say hi quickly before I head out to my next meeting...another busy Monday in my world.

Miss ya.

Katie Scott

Just listened to the podcast!

Ok I NEED that book about family history scrapbooking, I have all my family's family history stuff from like the 1300s (really). My Dad and My Grandfather were big into family history & went to Scotland & did all the Mormom library stuff long before the internet. I have boxes and boxes and boxes of geneology stuff and photos etc. Do a contest!

And my kids also love mittens and scarves and hats even though we live in Florida and like never need them but they still wear those winter things around the house all the time! My son is obsessed with "The North"!

And yes that 80/20 rule applies to scrapbooking - and most everything else in your life too! But I'm still a total pack rat / but trying to recover from that genetic disorder ;)

:) Katie

katie scott

YOU DON'T HAVE TV???? !!!!!

Oh my goodness, my husband is a technology junkie so we have more than 20 tvs in our house (seriously). (probably need to do a scrapbooking page about that)

My sister did the no tv thing for a few years but when she got a tv again she became a tv addict so be careful when you get off that wagon.


Thanks for getting back in the podcast groove Lain! I missed you last week, but totally can understand how life can get crazy out of control when your DH is out of town all week long. I really appreciate your unbiased book reviews, both of scrapbook related books and general reads. I would love to see some more tool reviews too. There seem to be no end of gadgets out there for scrapbookers! Thanks for the fun!

Leanne Shawler

Hey, um, my iTunes only had half your podcast. It cut out halfway through your review of Our Family Scrapbooks. Wah! I'm going to try deleting and downloading again and see if that makes a difference....

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