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October 03, 2007




Hey Ms. Renee lives right up the road from me!!! I am only 2 hours south of Atlanta!!!

HMMMM Digital scrapping. I have always wanted to try but I am ascared. Something to do with smoke pouring out of the computer and Hubby tapping his foot!!! And on top of that my scrappy computer is an old Gateway and I really think it would blow it up!

But the Dell maybe could do, just ascared!!!


I love Renee!!!! :)


How is it that we are always reading the same books?? I just started A Thousand Splendid Suns.

Re: digital scrapbooking, I definitely consider myself a hybrid scrapper. I use some sort of digital element on just about every page.



Earlier this year I downloaded the free trial of PSE and did a couple of pages without taking any classes. I'm sure I would love the classes but for some reason I really like figuring computer stuff out on my own (remember the Scraphappy button?). It was fun but I never could bring myself to spend the money on the program. I think I was afraid I'd get hooked and give up paper scrappin' by default and I really don't want to do that.
Also, I'ma 12x12 scrapper but I don't have a large format printer and don't want to have to go have my pages printed somewhere. But someday I'm going to bite the bullet and get the program and take one of Renee's classes.

Great podcast. I enjoyed the interview.


LOL! I'm ahead of my time...I commented on digital scrapbooking BEFORE I listened to the podcast. I'd still love to be considered for the contest though:).

I was inspired to start digital scrapbooking again listening to Renee. One of my big problems, aside from the fact that I LOVE the physical art of scrapbooking, is that we have only one computer in my house for 6 my time on the computer is limited just like everyone else's.

Eeva Hall

I started out with Digital scrap booking using Paint shop pro but I got so tired of it because my computer was way too old and slow for it. Either I had to work with a small dpi or 1 little change took 20-30 seconds. I then turned into paper scrap booking which I now sooo love. I have not been doing any digital scrap booking for years but I still have all my kits on a few CD's and I would love to try out combining digital with paper scrap booking. I now have a new computer so I would be able to work properly too. I would love to learn how to use PSE though as I think you can do a bit more with it than the PSP ;) so I find the book by Renee very interesting.

By the way just wanted to say I sooo love your pod casting!! I just found you a few weeks ago so I have been downloading all your older episodes and I listen to them while I go to work. I sit there on the subway and smile and laugh to myself while listening to you ;).


Lain, great interview and podcast.

I've always been reluctant to try digital scrapbooking. The most I've ever done is journal on the computer. I received Adobe Photoshop Elements for Christmas last year and I haven't installed it yet. However, after listening to your interview with Renee and your book reviews for her books, I want to go home and install it. Obviously, though, I need her first book by my side to get started. I love that it's spiral bound intentionally so you can use it as a reference manual!


Hey Lain! I finally managed to get the podcast downloaded. I have to say that I wasn't in a hurry because digital scrapbooking SCARES ME SILLY! I admire others pages over at Simple and 2Peas but no way am I brave enough to try. Technology and I are not pals. Renee sounded bright and lovely and happy and helpful though, so if I ever do work up the nerve I know I'll want her there to virtually hold my hand! Thanks for interviewing her.

Oh, and the last couple of minutes of the podcast were my fav. You're two cute with your e-mail mixups and your secret contests :)


that's too. i bet you guessed that i was an english minor...d'oh!


Wow, I am amazed at the results of the digital poll so I thought that everyone but me was doing digital! Not so, say the poll results. I guess that I just resist total digital because I love the feel of the products at my fingertips...I really need to cut and glue and rub-on ;-))And despite the resolution of my printer, digital designs still look flat to me. Guess that it is a good thing that I stocked up on adhesive at HL's last sale!

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