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October 01, 2007



This is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'm totally going to make a bunch of them!!!


Ooh, love it! I might cheat and skip the hanger template though, and just make one out of cardstock and a Coluzzle, since that's what I have on hand.

Also, I'm amused that in step 3, you carefully note that the lines don't have to be perfect, but then in step 8, you pointed out that the letters ARE perfect. LOVE IT! ;)


I'm going to make this and the coupon book, put them together and give it to my girlfriend who has an orgnaized woman trapped inside her struggling to get out. (I have one inside me, too, but I just sit on her and she doesn't struggle so much.) Thanks for another great project.

tammy b

oh. my. you be one clever mama jama! i'm all over this ;)


Super cute idea!! I love it! I may have to play with this idea..not sure wher to get teh door nobby thing, but I may just adjust and make something up..we shall see!


I love it! I may make them for my neices and nephews for their rooms. Of course, I don't think I'll make it a "to do" but maybe "to clean". Oh, Aunt Abbie, you are too much fun (not). They will actually probably hate me for it. Haha. It's cute anyway. Thanks for the ideas! I'm hoping to finish one of my books this week (I found little mini-composition notebooks at Walmart. Perfect!) I'll send pics...


Another great project Lain! And I love the gallery =)

suzi finer

loving the step-outs (makes sharing so much easier!


great project... need to whip up some of those as well...


I love this project. Well, actually so far I loved everything you do. But I still can't understand why the WitchCraft LO was not published yet... It is the bestest LO I've ever seen!But back to what I really wanted to say- I have a great way of lining up letter stickers. I first line them up on a backing sheet from some used stickers (using a ruler, or the lines of my cutting mat if they show through of course!) Then I pick it all up with the removable tape from scotch, place the whole word (or scentence) where I want it on my project, gently remove the tape and admire my handywork... This way, when you spell a long word and want it e.g. perfectly centered, you don't need to guess where to start with the letters. KWIM?

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