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October 17, 2007


Mary c

I am sorry you are having a stressful day.
As for me, the frowns -
Spending the night at the hospital with my MIL who was having a heart problem.
Not getting a nap because people keep calling to check on MIL.
The smiles -
MIL is going to be fine.


Oh, I can so relate! It has been a tale of 2 days here!
Good--my dd finally went back to kindergarten after being home for the past 2 days.
I got a chance to catch up on email and check out your blog.
Made it out to run some errands after being stuck at home for the past 2 days.
I am feeling normal again as well after being a little stir crazy! =}
Bad--One of the errands included a flu shot...which is still throbbing!
Didn't get a chance to scrap this morning because I had to run errands.
And I totally understand about DH traveling and missing his birthday, my birthday, parts of the kids birthdays...

Amy Castellano

sorry you're missing spending your dh's bday together...again...mine's in the air force so I know how that can be...
for me hmmm
bad..having to get up for work at 4am

dh forgot to put Cocoa our new puppy in the kennel before he left so I probably don't need to explain what I walked into when I got home....

I am blessed to have a job to go to everyday...
Cocoa is so cute that the mess didn't bother me all that much...
It rained and we really needed it here
I won something for the first time today...for completing Rhonna Farrer's 21 day Challenge...
your always makes me smile...:-)
have a great rest of your day!!


Best of times...I got the Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker in the mail today! In my brief glance it looks super!

Worst of DH gone again for work all week too; poor guy is at the Hard Rock Hotel on Michigan Ave. in Chicago...tough life, huh? Kiddos are starting to mutiny and it will be a long time till bedtime at this rate...when I finally get to really look at that yummy new book.

And, I am blowing off time reading blogs because I just can't figure out what I want to make for supper...too sad!



Best of times- Hubby with new job $10,000.00 more a year. Fianlly found our house

Worst of times- Can't close this month on the house and WE NEED RAIN!!! We are 14" below what we normally have and we are under water restictions. Please send us rain or a tropical storm or Hurricaine!!!!


awww, that kitchen is cute!.
What makes me smile today: 1. the thought of scrapping or possibly playing wii tonight
2. 10 minutes until NCIS
3. these cute images
What makes me frown:
1. My husband is still haunted by images of baby Jessica
2. My guinea pig is on vacation as I try o get pregnant


Didn't get out of bed early enough to run on treadmill.
All day meeting when I had a lot of other stuff to get done.
Messy house.

Person I was dreading dealing with in all day meeting wasn't there.
Meeting better than I had expected.
Son had a happy play date after school with his BFF. Fun!
Baby girl gave me a hug.
Husband really liked the new Pampered Chef recipe I fixed for dinner.


Frown: 8 year old dd has been on drama overload for 2 days now.
No time to scrap for 5 days.
The piles of projects keep getting bigger!

DD seems happier tonight.
I got meet Lain in person! :)
I may actually work on some projects tonight.
Starting a new very- part-time job next week as a music specialist at our elementary school and I am really excited!
Tomorrow is another day!


- All my sick kiddos are well again and BACK IN SCHOOL
- I have a super cute new green coat AND it has been cool enough to wear it

- I spent $53 today to fill my gas tank. WTH??



smiles: Only one more night till I leave for the scrapbook weekend to teach classes.
It's raining, so we have a break from harvesting potatoes all day, very day for a week now.
The yearbook of 2006 I created and ordered at will be here tomorrow.
frowns: I will not be here when the photobook arrives.
The traindrivers are on strike, so I don't kno if the train I booked will run tomorrow.
It's raining again and we still need to harvest potatoes for at least another 2 days.
(Oh, and I always wanted to say- it is 'Schadenfreude'. How do you know this word anyway??)

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