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September 24, 2007



I can spend anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes on a page. It just depends. Half of that time is used just figuring out what I want to do/use/convey. (I'm terrible at pre-planning pages.) Once I get that worked out the actual work of putting it together just falls into place.
I haven't listened to the podcast yet. I need to get busy!


Well I am sorry I tried to do a page in 30 minutes, nope did not happen 3 hours maybe. I guess I am not a fast scrapper, never have been never will. I guess I am too anal about it. Everything has just got to be so!!!

That's ok with the Podcast, I can wait. But tell them to hurry every chance they get.

My biggest organizatioanl challenge is Embellishments. I got the paper down, I got the dies down and Even have the tools down. But embellishemnts are killing me!!!


It usually takes me 45 minutes-hour to do a page. Less if I've put some thinking time into it before I sit down to scrap. My biggest organizational challenge is remembering everything I have. But, I'm not the type who would log everything, either. lol! Besides, it's kind of fun to "shop" my stash! So, I guess it's really not a problem. Never mind.


Biggiest organization challange: type? by theme? by color? HELP!! AAAHHHH!


Hmmm...good questions. Organizationally speaking, it's the embellishments that get me, too. At home I use some baskets that I keep on shelves in my closet. But I often go to crops so I need to make my system easy to take with me. Now, I just pull certain packages or jars (of flowers). An idea I've seen in mags is to use buckets or glass jars or drawers but that is just unrealistic -- takes too much space and you can't take them with you. I might blog about this.... I just recently re-did my storage and I love it so much that sometimes I just stand and look at it.
As for the time it takes to do a layout - the shortest was 5 minutes. It had no journaling. The longest, a few days. I was frustrated and had to take a break. But I did do other lo's in between. Usually it's 30-60 minutes. And like someone else commented, I also make "kits" with embellishments, paper, pictures, etc. That makes it easier at crops.


I can't think of an organizational challenge. I think I'm pretty well organized, but I still can't wait to see the book. I'm always up for tweaking my space to make it more productive. Plus, I'm a studio voyeur, too. ;)

Most of my pages take 45 min - 1 hour.



Hi Lain,
For the time it takes me to finish a page, it varies. It depends on how inspired I am, how distracted I am, if I have the right piece to finish it, etc. Nothing is ever the same on that process. I usually do a little at a time. Fortunately, I can leave a page out on my desk without fear of it being disturbed by anyone but myself.

As for the storage issues, I hate to sound like a parrot, but embellishments are my greatest challenge as well. I love all those ideas that show storing all the "As" in one place and all the "Bs" in another. All the red buttons together, yellow flowers together. You get my point. If I did that, I would need a wall full of shelves. I only have a few feet of space. And if I take them out of the packages, how will I remember the manufacturer if I ever want to post the layout or submit for publication. (not that mine are good enough for that!) For now I throw some in a drawer, others are in a stack on my desk, others are in the cropper hopper embellishment box I filled to the max, still more are in the crop in style binders I have, and the rest are still in the kit boxes I purchased from Lisa Bearnson or QVC. No wonder it takes me so long to finish page!



My biggest organizational challenge right now is how to store quotes. On my computer? In a binder? In a notebook? I can't find the right fit.

Off to listen to the podcast. Thanks!

Heidi Y

One of my biggest organizational challenges (I have many!!) is a way to store rub-ons and chipboard. I love these products!!! These are my favorites lately. But I keep trying to find the best ways to store them. Some chipboard shapes are very awkward to just throw them together in a box. Help!!


I can't wait to hear the podcast! My biggest organizational challenge is trying to make the most of a small space. I live in a one-bedroom apartment and have to store clothing, a ton of books, plus my scrapbooking and knitting materials. In terms of page completion, it usually takes me 1-2 hours to do a page, but lately I've been doing mini projects that take me an afternoon or two.

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