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September 24, 2007


Christine Scott

If I am really into it, I can complete a page in 30 minutes. But that is because I put together "kits" that are all ready for when I am ready to scrap!

Ami D.

For Aby and Wendy....more ideas on how to organize a scrapspace in...oh...lets just dining room - where people still eat and do homework!!!
I am struggling to get my whole house organized, but thought that I would start with my sb stuff. It is on a smaller scale and seems a bit easier...but...I need to find a creative and pretty way to organize it.
Working on finding time (30minutes) to do a page!!!

Ami D.

To complete a page - when I have a good chunk of time? I can spend 30-60minutes. I hate to spend longer. I have alot of stuff to scrap!!!!!


Lain, I guess something is missing. I go to the podcast site and I am only seeing 22 no 23. HELP!!!

Organization is easy. Ya just gotta have a system and stick with it,


Hey Lain, where is 23??? I thought my iTunes was kaputt because it didn't want to load the new episode. But checking the website, I can't find it either.
Oh, I would bring you a Zuckertüte/Schultüte when I come to Anaheim, but it would contain food, so I can't get it past customs... And Harald DID have some icecream, too, but no Bratwurst!


I don't see ep. 23 up? Only 22 from last week!


Hey Lain! I haven't found #23 yet either but don't worry--I'll be back :) Thanks for the Becky Higgins link, I use her sketches all the time. How is it that I didn't know she had a blog?
I want to do your 30 minute challenge but I'm doing a "while you were out" on my husband this week so I'm trying to keep away from the scrapping table. Maybe while I wait for paint to dry...anyway I usually only spend 30-60 min on a page. If it takes longer it's generally because I'm not feeling inspired and I need to walk away for a bit.

Mary C

The Podcast is missing!
I sent you an email about how long it takes to do a page. :)

katie scott

Hi Lain!

I saw a hippie van the other day with writing all over & it reminded me of you & the home for wayward children van.

Scrapbooking pages usually take me about 15 minutes. I get too impatient if they take longer. I really try to use what is handy and not worry about it too much.

I do have the organization book & have been able to flip through it but haven't really read it yet. Its on my list of stuff to do!

Hey! I want to hear all about Stacy's Speech / she should have done a podcast w/ that one!

:) Katie.


OK Laine, stop leading us on! I can't find episode 23 either. I have been working on increasing my scrapbooking productivity and getting those layouts done in an hour or less. What has worked for up computer journaling on every page and just handwriting my journaling...making layouts with no patterned paper, just cardstock...and setting aside a little time every day to at least think about scrapbooking and plan out some ideas in my head.

Thanks for the review of Wendy and Aby's new book. I have been searching for it everywhere and want to know if it is worth ordering it at full price ;-))


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