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September 11, 2007


tammy b

lain, you crack me up!

cute project btw ;)


Love this! I think I can cross ten people off my list with this one. Can you say assembly line?

Mary C

You have been listening in on me when I scrap - (swearing several times when the rhinestones come off the adhesive).
This is totally cute. I am going to make me some.


So, sooooo clever!

And I'm glad I'm not the only one who has trouble with those bling circles.



I will be making this I love it!!! Bling circles huh!! Never seen 'em. Remember I am in the South, in the boonies, not alot of that stuff trickles down from Atlanta!!!


Love instructions that make me lol! I need one of these things myself. Can I be on your Christmas list?


This is a great project. You are starting to inspire me to make some holiday gifts. I kind of had to promise my family that I wouldn't go crazy staying up late making holiday gifts this year, because last year I was totally cranky by the time Christmas arrived, from lack of sleep! But your project is making me think...if I scale down the number of projects this year...
(just don't tell my hubby or kids, LOL)!


I have been using the same photo album for grocery store coupons for about 2 years, but it NEVER(double underlined) dawned on me to jaz it up. THANK YOU!

Kelly Jo

This is so totally CUTE! And I can feel your frustration with Michael's.
Thank you so much for sharing. I Can Do This! =)


Forget those other people! I'm making one for myself! (I know, I'm so in the Christmas spirit!)

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