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September 17, 2007



That's very lovely. I think I will use cuneiform on mine. I'm am all about ancient symbology.


Another great project. Thanks for sharing.


Love it!
I host Thanksgiving and like to do little projects for gifts to give at the placesettings. This would be perfect! I wonder....could you use Mod Podge instead of the Xyron thing? Would it stiffen up TOO much or would it be ok?
Thanks again for a great idea.


Hi Lain, now that I actually figured out how to subscribe to podcast, I even listen to you, not just download the episode! Have fun at Memory Trends. And get me a signed photo of Gil and the others! It's a good thing you discovered CSI before MT, right?

Mary C

Totally cute.


Fabulous my friend.


Thank you for the inspiration. I've altered journals before but haven't thought about doing a blessing book. I like it. I also like your bookmark idea. I'm definitely doing that one.


so cute! i love altered composition books! this is a great idea to record what you are thankful for!


What a great project! I may have to do this one for Christmas gifts this year. Thanks for the tutorial!! I'd love to see more ideas like this.

cheryl doss

This is a definite blessing to family members. My grandmother passed away 6 weeks ago and while cleaning out her house, we found "stacks" of grateful journals. She wrote 5 things that she was grateful for everyday. They were from the simple things that we forget about (air conditioning, red lights, shoes) to big things (health and wellbeing of loved ones). I can't tell you how much we have all LOVED reading them. What makes them even cooler is since they are dated and she has separate diaries, we can find out why she was grateful for a specific thing on that day (if she remembered to write in the diary that day - but she didn't miss a day in the grateful journal). I will be starting mine soon and this is a good first one. Thanks for the inspiration!

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