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July 13, 2007



Amen, sister!
Great essay!


You should SO scrapbook that!!!!


Ditto to all of it. Although I wouldn't mind an annual trip to Maui. :)
As I've said before, you're "style" description is right on with mine. In fact, I started one today that has all of the things you listed--right down to the polka dots.

You and your blog really have helped me not to focus so much on being "caught up" anymore. I'm actually scrapbooking photos from THIS week! For that I MUST say THANK YOU! You've encouraged me to "Scrap Happy." It IS a lot more fun that way!


You are absolutely 100% positively right!


Love your comments Lain! You are so right and when people question my obsession with this world called scrapbooking, I will think back to what you just said! Thank you!

Jennifer Mattix

I applaud you! Scrapping makes me happy as well. It doesn't matter what we can do, what matters is what we want to do. I dream of doing what you are doing right now, so enjoy it for the both of us. Well said.


You've said it perfectly!! Exactly what I have been TRYING to figure out how to say to people.


Very well said.

Not many people in this world stop and take the time to truly observe their surroundings and in turn end up missing what could've been some of the most amazing moments in their life.

Kudos to you for realizing that and not missing those moments.

tammy b


Tamara Morrison

Right on! Very well put. Let's hear it for stories and color and little things! :D


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