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June 04, 2007



THis is an EXCELLENT project! I am one who doesn't buy the wallet size, just to avoid the whole situation, but I think this looks great to make anyway! I'll post it when I do!
xoxo, t


OH, and should I mention the unstarted McGill rant? Could it be that the frickin thing rarely works?? 'Cuz that is the case with mine. uurrghhh! I want index tabs not stacks of cardstock with partial index-tab-like indents in only the corners.
xoxo, t

Jamie ~ Alabama

Very cute idea!


I love this! I haven't ever had a problem with my McGill punch.


I LOVE IT!!! I think I will make one right now:) I laughed my butt off at Step 1 - I have the same problem, except it's the zigzag setting on the sewing machine. It NEVER EVER fails that I forget to put it back on stright stitch!!

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