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July 12, 2007



Top Down is definitely the way to go. Yours is beautiful!


Looks great! You did a great job. Love the colors!

Holly of HollYarns

Excellent sweater! You look great!!!


pretty! What lovely vibrant colors!


that's gorgeous, Lainie! woman, you are talented!


Look at you!! skinny girl!! :)


I LOVE it! I definitely should have done that KAL too because you scored an absolutely fabulous sweater! Nice knitting girlfriend. Bravo!

How in the world did I miss this blog post? (hangs head in shame)


Gorgeous sweater! Love the colors! I wish I could get into mercerized...I tried knitting a sweater for my niece out of some Tahki earlier this year, but it just didn't float for me. I am using some for the trim on a sweater I'm doing in Debbie Bliss Cathay, though, so maybe if I just ease into it? LOL


It's so so so cute!!!

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