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July 10, 2007



At least you're wearing shorts! You wouldn't catch me DEAD in shorts right now!!


At least you're still smiling!
I thought you don't wear socks? LOL

Thanks for reminding me I have to get my car cleaned!


Well on a good note...and not to sound like a total optimist, becasue I am definitely not. I hope those are the WORST things that EVER happen to you. I am glad you were so honest about secret pal...I know that person is gonna get it in the end...somehow...lets find her and slash her tires. I am now going to listened to your podcast, thoush my sense, just because of the title is it is about scrapbooking which
I don't do...and I swear I can't start another hobby or my brain will explode.

Linda Woods

BLACK SOCKS? Well, if you'd been wearing your I AM ART shirt you could explain the fashion faux pas: you are art.
If it makes you feel any better, I just spent a week wearing floods (that would be capris on a normal height person) with socks and Nikes. Geek City. I decided it was ok since I was wearing I AM ART shirts every day and was in a city where everyone else wore pants and shoes like that. I was just trying to blend in. Yeah, that's it.


I have a story that can top your Starbucks one. ugh! You need to get those retro socks.. heehee!

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