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June 20, 2007



The worst chap im my khakis right now is my husband. He's still complaining about his bad back, can't bent down, WON'T bend down (just in case) and he also won't go to see the doctor ("what could he do to help me, anyway? I'm in no pain, I just CAN'T bend down...") So I am still stuck with the milking job and I am promising myself every morning: Tomorrow this has to end. Tomorrow I'll stay in bed and let him do the milking. But I guess I am a wimp. I don't dare to stick to my own promises.
And talking about stupid homework: my daughter was caught walking outside of the classroom during lesson time. Not once, but 3 times. Always by the same teacher, who obvoiously was not in any classroom either. And there seems to have been no teacher in my daughter's class, too. But still she got to copy a whole page of her language book as punishment. Who punished the teacher?- I want to know! And because I thought this was the silliest and most undeserved punishment, I copied the page from the book. Took me 15 min, because Clara has a rather 'unique' handwriting, so I had to be careful. But the teacher never even looked at it!


right now,just people in's getting hot and we're all grumps on the road


It's simple, drive up, the teacher will come out, take your child from the car and take them into the classroom. Easy. And considering that you are spending good money to send your child to this school, you'd think the parent could read the instructions to this effect that are sent home every month, but no... insteady they,
- park the car, take their child in, chat with the teacher while holding up the line, or
- drive up in line, stop, get out of their car, take their child in, chat with teacher, or
- drive up, park in front of you in line (after you got there 15 minutes early) and get their child first, or
- park, take their child in, then back out into your car while the teacher is taking your child out of your car causing the teacher to accidentally pull your child out of your car onto the driveway while they try to stop the car that is backing up only to have the driver of said car say, "I need to get out."

Yes, all these have happened to me the first two on a daily basis, the third on occasion and the last only once (thank goodness) at my son's school. Pick up and drop off were the most stressful times of day for me. But, he has graduated and will be attending a new school in the fall and riding the school bus. phew.

and thanks for letting me get that off my chest!


I hear you on the senseless homework chap. Although I gotta tell you at least yours didn't have to be made out of cookie dough and baked! Now it's stupid and expensive AND icky...who would want to eat a GIANT cookie that has been mashed every which way to look like S. America??? Honestly, it looked like a giant turd (can I say that? Sorry) since the chocolate chips (Um, shh I did buy the dough in a tube) began to melt. Ugh, my stomach turns just thinking about it. LOL.


LOL! I am dying here! Yes, we MUST have STUPID projects for the kids to do so it looks like they are doing something constructive, musn't we? Other than actually TEACHING them to speak Spanish, that is.When I think of all those projects my son had to do & half of them he never got back. What a pain. Well, the good thing is, you can put the top down & let the wind blow in your hair & think of Chile! HA!



Hey Lainie,
What have you been up to? You missed my birthday last weekend! What have you been up to?? Come see how big Sean is getting!

Hugs, Miss you!


I'm totally with you on the doctors office thing. I waited TWO HOURS last week. I was really miffed until the doctor arrived and spent a good 20 minutes with me!

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