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June 26, 2007


Sarah In DC

Cute sweater. I wish I had kids to knit for. I love baby stuff, it's so cute and cuddly. And when it's small, it's probably quicker.


one day I will knit a sock...just one, so I can say that I did...I worry too much I will wear a whole through it and would hate to put all that effort into something I'll destroy


Cutie sockies Lainie!


Nice socks, and great cardi...sorry to hear that you are feeling so down. I do know how you feel though...really. I have been "catching up" with all your posts...*BIG HUG*
Have a good weekend.

Cindy Ericsson

Love the socks! I'm trying to finish up a pair of hiking socks for my husband & a couple of art swaps before the Mystery Stole 3 clues begin. Details at:


I love the color of your socks!

Megan H

I'm glad you told me about this blog. That sweater is really adorable!


Congrats on completing the Baudelaires!! NICE JOB! I haven't experienced the two different colors on 2 skeins before, but I sure hope that washing them does the trick for you. Guess what? I'm taking a sock design class from Cookie on July 8th. I'm SOOOO excited!

I just ordered the Knitters Almanac from KnitPicks after listening to her podcast. I'm up for it, but I probably don't have time to do July's project.

Callie is such a cutie! What a great sweater! It just doesn't make sense to spend a bunch of money on a kids sweater since they outgrow them so quickly.

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