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May 03, 2007



Have I told you today how much I love your writing? I love your writing. It makes me laugh, and sometimes cry, the main point being that it always, ALWAYS, makes me feel. Love it.

We don't have no fancy schmancy automatic book return thingies. We have a big metal box with a door that opens. A little ledgey thing to set the books on (yes, it does require an iota of lining up if you're a perfectionist) and then you close it. The books slide down and thump into the bottom of the box and then you DRIVE AWAY. Yep it's a drive-thru with it's own little semi-circle driveway. Cute and expeditious (is that a word?) even if DH did have a minor fender-bender pulling out of it last year. Lovin' my small, no auto book returner, town. Just like I love your writing.
mwaaah. t

stephanie t.

Get in Almaden they want to set-up a place to sell coffee and snacks in the new library/community center..Ok, makes a bit of sense...but they want to give the contract to a guy who was a convicted child molester/abuser! You'd think they would do a background check on the guy beforehand considering the numbers of kids going through that place!! The guy says he plead guilty to spare his kids the horror of testimony. If he's running that concession, it'll be the LAST place my I'd send my kids school!!


we have the drive through book drops in ohio too. our old library did have that check your book out thing, but you just checked them out, never returned them that way. They were a complete pain to use, so I always stood in line to wait.

stephanie - that would be the last place i send my kids after school too. i am all for giving people second chances, but that is ridiculous; there are plenty of places to be employed, work someplace away from your temptation. your library is setting him and all those kids up for diaster. sad!


You definitely deserve to rant. They better not put one of those things at my library or I may not check books out as frequently.


Holly of HollYarns

Plus, just think about the wasted gas (and pollution) having people spend at least five minutes checking in their books if they leave their cars running. I agree--that machine appears to be an over-priced waste of money!

My little library has an easy to use one--but it's on the inside of the building and is pretty much the same as the self-checkout ones.

Heh, heh, tee-hee! 20 years--but all in different grades--good thing you didn't forget to mention that!


i love our old fashioned has a plain old book drop the old fashioned kind that looks like a mailbox (of sorts). i can always drive up, dump the books, and go back when they are open to get new ones.

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