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May 15, 2007



Okay, I just bopped over here from Marilyn's blog, and you are FUNNY! Like funny enough that I want to sit here the rest of the night and read your archives. Now, who needs to get a life??? Ah, yes...well...there are worse things....


The hat adds just that perfect touch to her adorable outfit:):)


Interesting things going on! And I thought my life was dramatic!


Aren't you glad you have kids to make you laugh, when you think that everyone you know has lost their minds? Actually it *does* sound like they've lost their minds. I wish your brother all the luck in the world .. he may need it!

Is your diet making you starve? I'm considering doing Nutri System.


You crack me up!


LMAO!! Well, I want to know more....


oh gees. OK, your turn, BREATHE in....and ooouuuttttt. Remember you are not in control of other people. You are in control of YOU and your reactions to other people. And looking at nekkid bebe butts always helps (gawd, how awful THAT sounds out of context...)
hugs, t


Hey there! I'm up late and wonking out on my PC and came to say HI! SOOOOOO proud of all you're doing and very excited for YOU! I was looking through my Shim class journal the other day and thinking about all the goodness that came out of.... Thanks for the naked butt shot - all I ever get to see is my hubby's which isn't this cute!!! Happy day, luv H

Linda Woods

Too bad your bff didn't date your brother! She could've become your sister and he wouldn't be off to the Philippines. =)

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