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May 28, 2007



How exciting! did you get a VW bug?!!! :o) Hmmm... color.... I'm thinking green? No, wait maybe I'm just passing my love of green off on you- you got yellow! I guess, yellow!


Yeah, the first guess. It's a VW BUG of course, Ms. Lainiebug. Now color is a little more challenging. Is it brilliant laser blue or lime (gecko) green to match the blog or salsa red. Hmmm, too many choices but I'd say its definitely 1 of these 3! Congrats and safe driving.


Yep, VW Bug for sure - how cute! I'm guessing that fabulous lime green. Can't wait to see the pic of the huge daisy in the flower vase....


My first instinct was a blue or green, but since those were taken, I will say, Lady Bug Red. Congrats on the new car!!


yellow....vw bug??


An orange or yellow new beetle convertible? Or a GTI Mk V? Either way how very cool! Congrats on the new car!!!


He bought you a VW Beetle. Black hasn't been taken, so I will guess black. That's definitely not a mom car...congratulations!


well of course a bug! colors, I dont know...they've all been guessed...just about :)


Definitely a VW bug/beetle. Color..? Yellow. All the colors have been chosen, so I'll go with yellow.


VW Bug FOR SURE....but I'll go out on a limb and say a green convertible!!! I pass one almost everyday driving to work and their vanity plate says "lima bean" - love it!


VW Bug of course - and I'm going with white...

and congrats my hubby just bought me a new vw jetta which I love! check out my blog if you want to see it...



okay--scarab. Those are really cool, BTW! I would LOVE to have a Bug. So would my two daughters! I am guessing RED---you talked about apples in your post. he he he


I think you are getting a VW bug......lime green?


Oooh it's got to be red baby!!! So your hubby can pull some cheesy hubby line like.. I got this red hot car for my red hot girl!! Or something like that!
Congrats! that is so exciting!

Yarn Thing

Of course I have to go with VW Bug and my guess is yellow. That is really cool! I am lucky if my husband surprises me with changing the TP roll!




CONGRATULATIONS! That hubby is definitely a keeper (LOL)

My guess is the Volkswagen Beetle 2.5L in Gecko Green!

erin yamabe

the new toyota FJ in bumblebee yellow!


Too easy, a VW Beetle, LOL. (Or that monster machine you posted about weeks ago, that you wanted...SOme sort of Hummer or SUV I think.)

Cindy Ericsson

I'm thinking a beautiful green or blue VW Beetle, but no matter the color, it would be fun to drive! Congrats!

Cindy Ericsson

Hey, was it you that recommended Joan Didion's book The Year of Magical Thinking? I finally read it, and really enjoyed it. It's such an honest portrayal of the way loss alter's one's thought processes.

Ami D.

Apple red VW beetle bug.

Congrats on whatever color/type of car it is. That is so cool!!!


Well, yeah, a VWBug - and I'd say in red.

Holly of HollYarns

A vw bug, of course, you lucky woman. I'll choose pumpkin orange since that was the color of my '72 Beetle (which was my first car).
Yay! I am so happy for you!


VW beetle...I see a bright yellow one with a large daisy on the dashboard :)


Was that you driving that sporty and shiny blue convertible bug past me tonight?? :o)

Seriously though, I was driving and this bug passed me with no plates and I thought for sure my original guess of yellow was wrong!

:o) Melissa

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