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May 31, 2007



Don't care that I didn't win. But I'm excited that I, too, guessed the right color! Love the turquoise hat with it! ;) You did go out and buy flowers to put in the vase, right?


oooh Lain!!! Huge congrats on your car, could it be cuter? NO, it could NOT!!! And could you look cuter in it? NO, you could not!!! Have SO, SO much fun with it, maybe you should take it for a little drive down to Tempe? ;)

Jamie ~ Alabama

You look great in the car!

Do we get a prize for guessing the license plate? My guess is Scrap Happy.


Wow!!!!! My sister got a Beetle, too. But her's is boringly yellow and no convertible (rather sensible decision of course considering the difference in German and Californian weather...)
I love it. Next year at CHA- will you take the car to Anaheim? Can I join you on a ride?

Holly of HollYarns

How fun and cute your car is! And you look so cute in your car!


I am PEA GREEN with envy!! Have fun, Lainie!! :)


I love the new car!



How cute! I didn't think of a convertible, but it is darling. Make sure you bring it to the store next time so I can drool in person.


How stinkin' cute! Congratulations!


Cindy Ericsson

LOVE IT! Have a blast driving it!


It is beautiful! I think it is a perfect fit for you and your husband rocks!


OMG, Lain! How CUTE is this? You are one hot cookie zooming around in your little bug. And a convertible to boot! Give that man a Klondike bar!



TOO CUTE! What a fun car to be running around in this summer!


Congrats!!! It is such a cute little car!!!! :)

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