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May 22, 2007



Oooh- that is a great idea! At first I was thinking, "seriously? 50?" But you know, I could easily do 50. Hmmm, better get moving on that :o)


I think I can do 50 things.

I'm going to see if I can do it. Maybe tomorrow or Thursday, I should have some free time!


I am soooo in! I just started anopther blog, just so I could track my decluttering goals!!! Great idea for tomorrows goal!


OH I love it! Count me in. My hubby will be glad to hear that:):) I plan on getting started over the long weekend coming up:):)


Count me in! I've got family visiting next week and I'm sure my house would feel much better with 50 less things.

#1. Hubby's movie collection. Do you think he'll mind?


Here I am! I did it! I love it! Here's my post email me if you want any of my crap LOL!!!


ooh, 50, that's a lot! But I'm planning on putting on my HazMat suit this weekend and cleaning out my sons room, so I should be able to get to 50 in there pretty easy! (if you don't hear from me in a few days, send help, lol!) I'll keep ya' posted!

Angie Lucas

I totally loved that article in RealSimple too! I was sad that the 50 things can't include individual magazines. "Magazines," no matter how many you throw away, count as ONE thing. :-) And I personally really love RealSimple, but they suggest some stupid things sometimes.

I just found your blog and am inspired to join your 50 Things Challenge. I KNOW I can find 50 things, and probably many more! :)

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