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April 25, 2007



Well that sucks. I hope it means that God has something bigger and better in store for you. The Chinese government has no idea what they are talking about!! Lexapro was my wonder drug of choice for a long time:)


((hugs))I'm sorry to hear that! Like the pp- I hope that means bigger and better things are in your future.


Yarn Thing

Hey, you can watch my kids any day.
Really, any day;
no REALLY...when are you going to be here?




ahhh don't feel so bad. I had heard they had really strict rules...updated recently??? At least you can't say it was a weight issue like I probably could :) There's lots of babies out there...the right one could come at any moment. :)


Don't give up...I'm sure God has a plan for you.


So I guess I guess my husband is considered a dinosaur in China too?


Thankfully there are quite a few countries that would love to have you adopt their kids.


I'm so sorry Lain! I didn't know you were even trying for this, but still sad and shocking, just the same. Apparently 52 and LexaPro is worse than living in an orphanage with little loving contact...?? whatever.
love you and your quirky mix or pessimistic optimism, and popcorn for dinner isn't entirely bad is it? t


I am sorry to hear this. You have to wonder what they are thinking...better to leave a child in an orphanage....weird.

Theresa E.

Tragic sad loss to a baby in China for a set of good parents.

I realize that there have to be criteria & all, but this seems so tremendously unfair.

When my DH & I adopted our daughter from Russia, we had to jump hoops too. The systems that other countries put in place, so often just don't make sense.

Hugs & Prayers for strength right now.

Angie Kajfasz

Hi! This is too bad! I know we have never met, but you really get to know someone pretty well by reading their blog and geez, you are a good person!!

Hang in there, I am sure this is God's way of saying he has some other grand plan for your family! Much luck and many blessings!



So sorry to hear that! Are there other countries you could apply for?

Hope you have a great weekend!

Jennifer Louden

You can be my mother anyday.. oh wait, you already are mothering me!

China changed the rules and you get whacked-- it really isn't personal. But you know that.

How about Darfur?


I'm so sorry. We were also going that route and even got married to smooth things along. But also, local adoption rules changed making more older children available for adoption (which was fine with us). We were fortunate to find ourselves pregnant some months into the adoption process so we often call our son our "little Chinese baby".

And Lexapro... makes me a much better mom.

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