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April 30, 2007



OH MAN that sucks!!! I think a man invented that "it's muscle" saying. I have not walked at all in three weeks, been eating whatever I want, and gained 3 pounds:)Can I just tell everyone I'm pregnant even though I'm not?


I'd say, your scales are broken.


But it is true...muscle does weigh more...and truth is, when you start losing weight, some times you can gain tiny bits in the process and then lose it back quickly. It could be water...they say the first few weeks while your body is adjusting to the new habits, it gradually changes up and down. You might want to make sure you weight yourself always at the same time of the day on a particular day of each week (not too often, always before meals and specially before you drink any water.) I'd say GOOD for you that you are sticking to the running part! I wish I could get into the habit too! :)


When I trained for my marathon, I gained 2 pounds BUT I do have to say my butt has never been so firm! Keep up the makes you feel good inside.


If it's not muscle, then it must be .... bone! You've gained bone! Yep, that must be it.

By the way, BRAVO to you for starting to run. Maybe you can kick me in the butt to start too.


I would venture to guess it is muscle....


That is awesome though!!! Go by how your clothes fit not the scale. Or taken all your measurements and track your progress that inches lost rather then pounds.

Great job!!


No explanation for you, sorry...but kudos to you for getting out there and doing all that running! You know it's good for you, so don't worry about the numbers. :)


Did you forget to take off your shoes before you stepped on the scales??? Surely shoes weigh 4+ pounds :)Okay maybe shoes, clothes, bag, etc. I'm trying to help!!!

Holly of HollYarns

Me too! Despite running like a wild woman, I am gaining weight. I am *hoping* it is muscle and not just fat! I sure eat a darn lot more on the days I run.


Good for you for keeping up with the running! It's got to have some effect!

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