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April 13, 2007



Very cool!!! I'm going to have my hubby help me download it tonight when i get home:):)


YEAH FOR YOU! I've heard your adorable voice, so that's not why I'm going to plug into you, but I can't wait to hear your podcast. TOO FUN!


This is exciting. I have listened, subscribed and can't wait for the next podcast. I love it....and to think....I can proudly say that I know a podcaster:)

Holly of HollYarns

Congrats! How exciting. And to think, I'll get to hear my Secret Pal 8's Voice--WILD!


HEY Lain! Congrats, loved the podcast, you've got one of those great DJ voices!...and now I know how to pronounce your last name, lol! I wanna be one of your scrap celebs now that your a DJ style celeb!


I'm leaving a comment to win scissors ;) So I can cut cute pics of Sean to put in my scrapbook! Sign me up!


I really enjoyed it, Lain. Now make it longer. (evil grin) When I'm pretending there are other adults in the house and they're talking to me and we're having a facinating and fulfilling conversation, I like that fantasy to go on for a while.

I found you through the CMP, btw. I've just barely started scrapbooking, but it is such a striking and satsifying visual medium.

Kimberly Kwan

check you OUT, Ms. Techno-savvy!
Go gurl!

Kimberly Kwan

check you OUT, Ms. Techno-savvy!
Go gurl!

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