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April 11, 2007



What wonderful things to be happy about!!

Yarn Thing

LOVE seeing the knitting content come back a bit! :-) It was great talking to you on the phone! I hope it helped somewhat...

Love the socks...I have had no luck with toe up socks. I think I might have to try them again just to see if it was the yarn or the knitter :-)



STR does rock!

Glad you are having a happy day!

Cindy Ericsson

I want that yarn! And the socks! I'll take a cookie, too, if you have any left...


ahhhh some of those sound like pure bliss to me! I need to make a list like this today :)


I love the yarn colours and your socks are looking great already!
Yummy cookies!!! :-D


Very pretty yard...those cookies sound yummy! I love trips to the library! :)


Ohh, love the sock yarn!


You DEFINITELY have a lot to be happy about. Yummy yarn and cookies and books. What more could a girl want or need?


Great list! That TOP sock yarn is amazing. Is that STR, too? Those cookies sound great, by the way! I do seem to have a thing for both oatmeal and butterscotch ;)


Hey Lain - I forgot to ask... did you buy the STR in person or online? Just checking... if there's some local place to pick it up, I'd like to know!!


I am beyond happy just reading and thinking about all those great things....the cookies look so good and the sock!! Love the socks....

I love the library....we are due.

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