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April 05, 2007



There is always tracing your hand on green construction paper and gluing it to a pop cycle stick...and you get palm leaves.

As for a game...I think a good old fashion Easter Egg hunt is fun. Or, here are a few I found online:


Cut the top off an egg carton. Using the bottom , number cups 1-12 with a magic marker or crayon. Place the carton on the floor and mark a starting line about 8 feet away. Give each player a different color jellybean. To Play, each player stands behind the line, calls out a number between 1-12 and tried to toss the jellybean into that numbered cup. For each successful toss, one point is given. First player with 21 points WINS!


The way you play this game is to have at least 15 kids and/or adults. If you were playing with 15 people you would need 5 hard-boiled eggs because there are 3 people on a team and you get the point. Well,you put the egg on the spoon and run with it to the next
person in the line(you need to put the three people in a line about 10 to 15 feet apart.)If you drop the egg then you have to go back to YOUR starting point and run with it again. Whoever wins gets the desired prize of the person who is responsible for holding the race.There are first,second, and third places.

***Sorry, that is all that I liked...hopefully you
find something good!



I guess just painting eggs won't do? Sorry, but I'm not much of a help. the villages and towns here usually have a bonfire on Easter Sunday- no good for your 3rd graders either... I'm so bad when it comes to entertaining kids.

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