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March 21, 2007



Awesome interview Lainie! Loved your questions and Linda's answers! She is such a phenomenal artist, no doubt! So glad to see this WONDERFUL interview today! :)

audrey h.

Laine........i love this interview. Your questions are so dead on and are the same things i wonder when I create. Love reading them and Linda's answers to them.

audrey h.

aaaacccccckkkkkkk!!! please forgive me for spelling your name wrong. I caught the typo as soon as i hit the 'post' button :o(

suzi finer

The muse of art journaling; perfect subject for you to interview! I totally sit up and pay attention to la Woods' insights; she knows of what she speaks (and creates!)

Linda Woods

Thanks so much for interviewing me~ it was so fun! =)


Really interesting, Laine. Good questions for one of my favorite journaling book artists - and great responses!

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