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March 27, 2007



Hello there! I have been obsessed with finishing my newest crochet felted bag, Firecracker! It is all finished now and I am so IN LOVE WITH IT. I will post picture of is in the next few days so keep in touch!



Aaaaah! (I am screeching in delight here!!)
They are ADORABLE!!!! Oh so sweet!! I admire anyone who can knit other than just plain in a row like me, haha! Oh when I finally embark on motherhood (hopefully soon) I will order a little cute hat like these two from yu, ok?? Please!!!! Baby Wiggens would love it ;-)


Oh God I can't wait, this is just too cute Lain!!! You got my hormones all going here!


Ooohh I've just ordered that book, can't wait now :)


These little hats are JUST TOO CUTE! Darling. I'll have to show this post to Sabrina! She'll go crazy over these :)

Cindy Ericsson

Love your hats! That is such a sweet book, isn't it?


Those hats are precious! What size needles did you use on the bunny ears hat? I have got to make one too!


You're knitting up the most ADORABLE hats! Those bunny ears are so so cute.

Did you notice a huge difference in knitting with Rowan Cotton as compared to Sugar 'n Cream? Is the Rowan worth the extra money?


Those hats are so so cute. I am thinking at one point I need to get my hands on that book!!! Great job!!

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