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March 02, 2007



BRILLIANT! We should just go to the Euro!

You're so funny and absolutely right .. the people at the mint are just bored.


Oh beware of the Euro, it messed things up economywise BIG time. It was ugly. It spiraled downwards. They are slowly recovering, it will only take another few decades til things look up again over there. Yikes.

Holly of HollYarns

My backpack (or bag or purse depending on the day) is already heavy enough without carrying around coins rather than dollar bills! Even on a non-school day, I always have reading, knitting, etc., with me--coins would just drag me down.

However, I do think the Sacajawea coins are pretty and it is nice that women are being honored on some money--even if it is only coins.

Lisa sound like you actually understand all of those Yu-Gi-Oh gaming concepts. That is scary. I still don't get it. LOL I'm more of a Naruto girl, myself. ;)

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